Organic teas, herbs and spices

   Product Descriptions

   A ll of our bulk herbs, teas and seasonings are fresh, fragrant and colorful. Our quality is a result of
local farms and from our global suppliers that support ethical farming and wild-crafting practices.

    Black, Green & Red Teas
Classic throughout the world, rich in color & taste higher caffeine than most other teas.
            teas: Ancient Forest, Assam, Chai, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast & Orange Spice.

        Green and White Tea
        Consumed for thousands of years, smooth tasting and high in antioxidants and other vital properties.
        teas: Dao Ren, Green Sencha, Houjicha, Jasmine, & Kukicha Twig.

        Red Tea
        Extremely nourishing, nutritious & caffeine free. Very popular tea that's
        uniquely fermented with a rich amber-red color and smooth taste.
        teas: Honeybush, Green and Red Rooibos

        Herbal Tea Blends
        Hand crafted, loose leaf herbal tea blends for beverage or medicine.
        See product menu. Custom formulations are available.

    Herbs, Dried or Powdered
Choose from over 300 herbs, roots and barks. Make your own teas and formulations.
        Need help? Refer to our sites
"herb and symptoms search" for more information.
        Encapsulated formulations are also available.


    Spices, Peppers and Blends
        Salts, peppers, spice and seasoning blends. These are fresh,unlike mass produced products.
        Taste the difference!


    Tea and Herb Accessories
        Tea pots, strainers, tea bags and mugs.
        Supplies for herbs including the Herb mill, capsules, and capping machines.