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Gift Packages from Herbal Elements

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   H erbal Energy Sprays
   Herbal Energy Sprays- Choose your scented blend to release its soothing & healing properties.
   cobalt blue glass bottle 2 oz - $6.99 4 oz- $9.999

   Kerri's Blends: Are made from real essential oils & infused herbal oil blends and are used to naturally
   flavor and scent.
   Positively stimulate your senses with this energizing non-aerosol, fine mist spray. Fabulous for
   scenting skin, air, fabric and useful for minor first aid.
   Contains Nikken Pi-Mag water, organic botanical extracts and only pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances).


   Available in:

  • Herbal Rescue  • Lavender  • Lemon Lavender  • Sacred Sage
  • Orange Mint   • 
Rose Orange  • Super Citrus   • Winter Mint
Sage Cedar Wood  • Spicy Rose Orangee

   Herbal Element blends are not limited to sprays,
   just tell Kerri what you would like to have.

   Fragrance descriptions:
   Berry Patch: Fresh Ripe Berries infused with a light lemon zest. A summer favorite. Kids love it!
   Cranberry Orange: Crisp Cranberries & Juicy Orange with a hint of spice. A fall favorite. Great stocking stuffers.
   Herbal Rescue: Fresh from the garden. sage, rosemary, mint,eucalyptus, tea tree & Lemon.
      Extreme healing protection.
   Orange Mint: Refreshing peppermint & spearmint splashed with juicy orange. A summer and kid favorite!
   Lavender: Calming and Gentle for all ages. Traditional favorite.
   Lemon Lavender: Luscious lemon smoothed with undertones of lavender.Favorite of Men, Kids & Grandparents!
   Rose Orange: Romantic Rose sweetened with a slight orange scent.Traditional favorite, great for gifts.
   Sacred Sage: Healing and Protecting. Strong Earthy Undertones.
   Sage Cedar Wood: Clearing, grounding & protecting. Earthy with Woodsy Undertones. Unique & Different!
   Super Citrus: Sweet orange splashed with crisp lemon. Strongly citrus. A Refreshing favorite, kids love it!
   Winter Mint: Cool, crisp peppermint and spearmint with light lemon Twist.Dusted lightly with tea tree,
      rosemary and eucalyptus. Yummy!
   Spicy Rose Orange: Romantic Rose spiced with orange and cinnamon.Everyone’s favorite.

   Custom scents can be made to order.

   Balm Bars
   Hand and body balm in a convienent spill- proof tin 1.3 oz $5.99
   Hand and body balms
      will heal, soothe and protect. Our creamy cocoa and shea butters that are infused with healing herbal oils and
      waxes to moisturize.Essential oils scented with Kerri's balanced blends. Fast absorbing, store in a cool place,
      protect from direct sun and heat. Shelf life is up to 1-3 years or more!
       1.7 oz $6.99 4.2 oz $9.99

   Lip balm:
      soothe, protect & moisturize lips with a hint of something yummy. Creamy cocoa and shea butters are infused
      with healing herbal oils and waxes then flavored with real essential oils. Packaged in lip balm tubes.
      Lip Balm Tubes .14 oz $2.99 or 3/$7.99