Herbal Energetics

Herbs have their own energetics, they can be warm or cool, wet or drying. That is the essential key to knowing which herb to use, it's duration and how to blend a formulation.

10 Reasons to use herbs

   1. Plants have always been the primary medicine for people with many herbs still
used today as they were thousands of years ago. Herbs have many advantages
over pharmaceuticals and posses attributes that man-made drugs never will.

   2.Plants contain hundreds of compounds working together in a complex synergistic
effect that can destroy pathogens, promote healing and nourish the body.
The chemistries of herbs are too highly complex to build resistance from
        pathogens. Drugs are a “silver bullet” or single active chemical, targeting one region
        and eventually leading to resistance.

   3. Compared to pharmaceuticals, herbs are very inexpensive and very readily
available. Many can even be grown in containers, in your garden or inside
your home.

   4. Herbs are generally Safe. The side effects of herbs are of no comparison to
the potential harmful effects of pharmaceuticals. According to the Journal of
the American Medical Association, the fourth leading cause of death in America is
        caused by adverse drug reactions. Properly used herbal medicines cause very few
        side effects. Exercise caution when taking herbs in combination with pharmaceuticals.
        Consult with a professional Herbalist or other qualified health care practitioner and
        your physician whenever needed.

   5. Herbs are Food. Herbs can provide us with nutrients like food does, as well as
vitamins and minerals. These plant based phytonutrients are absorbed and utilized
in our bodies much more efficiently than commercially made vitamins.

   6.Herbs can be Taken in Many Forms. You can cook and bake with fresh and dried
herbs. Herbs also can be consumed as teas, extracts and in encapsulated formulas.
Herbs can be applied to the skin in creams, sprays, washes, oils and in baths.
        There is always a way to take herbs that fit your lifestyle, time and budget!

   7. Herbs are a natural renewable resource. Plants grown using organic methods and
limited harsh pesticides don't cause the severe pollution caused by the
manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

   8. Herbal information is practically free. Knowledge is Power, so learn more about
herbs, and how you can improve and maintain your health for life. Remember
to be cautious and smart about the information you read about on the internet,
        do not self diagnose.

   9. Herbs are readily available. There are local herb stores as well as many internet
sources for good quality herbs. Look for products that are local, fair trade
and organic.

 10. There is an Herb for Every Remedy and a Remedy for every Herb.
Right Herb, Right Remedy© www.HerbalElements.net
Have you wondered why some herbs work for some people and not for others?
        Herbs have an “energy” to them, they range from warm, neutral to cool.
        As individuals we also have energetics based on our body type. We then
        want to match up the right herb with the right remedy by matching the
        appropriate energetics. Our goal is to balance, nourish and feed the
        body's systems to prevent and eliminate disease.

  are what we eat, as the old saying goes.
Be aware of what you Ingest (eat, consume, drink), Apply (personal care
        products, clothes you wear) and Use (detergents, pesticides, plastics).
        Read labels and remember just because a product says it is Natural or Organic
        doesn't really mean that is truly is.
        Kerri Bailey, C.H., B .S.