Herbal Energetics

Herbs have their own energetics, they can be warm or cool, wet or drying. That is the essential key to knowing which herb to use, it's duration and how to blend a formulation.

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Workshops and Classes


Water Gardening and Pond Classes

Classes are available at The Pond Pad on:

  • Water Garden Plants
  • Fish Care
  • Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

  See our blog and article section for additional
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  Class in the garden.


Herbal Classes and Gardening

Classes are available at Ubiquitous Journey on:

  • Herbal Remedies:
     Colds and Flu, Detoxification, Herbal Teas

  • Chinese Herbs (TCM), Ayurvedic Herbs,
     Western Herbs, American Indian Herbs

  • Herbal Kitchen and Tea Gardens
  • Organic Garden Solutions

  See our blog & article section for additional information.
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Herbal Certification Course

  Avalon Herbal Program-coming soon
  • Avalon Herbal Program Online-coming soon

  Complete course work for Herbalists with written lessons
  and hands on projects.


Herbal Classes

  Ayurvedic Herbs
  Find out what's your “Dosha” or body type, and how to
  use herbs according to their energetics. An introduction to
  Ayurvedic Herbs and East Indian Medicine.
  • Chakra Connections
  Chakra is Sanskrit for “spinning energy wheels”. Learn
  the basics of the seven major chakras and how they relate
  to our body, mind and spirit. Unblock the stagnant and
  slow down the overactive.

  Chinese Herbs
  How to blend Chinese Herbal Formulas, and an introduction to Chinese Herbs and Traditional Chinese
  medicine philosophy.
  • Choosing Herbs that Work For You
  Selecting herbs and preparing formulas made easy. Learn the basics on how to choose herbs and the
  best way to prepare them- Right Herb, Right Remedy!

  Edible Gardens
  In our climate, it is possible to have a year round garden with cool and warm season vegetables and
  other edible landscape plants. Learn how to grow your own food and herbs organically in large and
  small spaces.
  • Herbal Kitchen and Tea Garden
  There are so many culinary and medicinal herbs and plants that can be grown here in the PNW suitable
  for landscape, garden and containers. Learn how to care, use and design with edible plants & herbs.

  Native American Herbs
  Learn about Local and Native American Herbs, Medicinal Practices and where to find them.
  • Using Herbs at Home
  How to cook, prepare and be creative with herbs. Ideas for gifts for friends & family.

  All classes are at Ubiquitous Journey, through Free University.
  please sign up at 253-572-2550
   or visit www.FreeUNW.com
   or email herbelements@gmail.com
   Online Classes Coming Soon!